Manchester: The Online Fashion Capital

The Digital Age of Fashion How has Manchester made a new name for itself in the fashion industry through being home to some of fashions newest and most powerful headquarters MELISSA GARLICK. "Manchester has established itself as the hub of fashion not only in the North West, but in the UK. With a host of [...]


Critical Journalism – Textual Analysis

Question: Brian McNair (2010) claims that ‘film-makers absorb changing moods and anxieties and reflect them back to their audiences’ (p. 4). Write a critical essay that demonstrates how films and/or TV shows have represented the profession of journalism in this way. Your answer should include an in-depth examination of a minimum of 2 films/TV shows. [...]

TFN – New Online Fashion Content

As a new fashion content contributor for the fashion network, I will now be published on the site weekly showcasing some of my latest work. Below is the link to my latest piece Special thanks to Will be posting more updates soon, stay tuned! iNSTAGRAM - @melissagrlick