Casual Outfits – Polyvore

I’m not even going to kid you but these are a few outfits that I made on Polyvore years ago that I completely forgot about so decided to post them today because I was just shook that they’re still something I’d love to wear. Wha I think I’m going to do with these is hopefully try to recreate them at some point when I can convince myself to be more a part of my blog (by that I mean posting actual pictures of myself in outfits etc) but until I’m 100% with that I’m sure the outfit posts will still be helpful and hopefully inspirational for you guys and for me too!

Since I made these pictures all of the items probably aren’t in stock anymore but the idea still stands and I’m pretty sure I actually own some pretty similar pieces to some of the ones in the outfits. MAD.

Anyways I’m going to leave these with you and hopefully I’ll get some uni work done in the mean time so I can start revising for my Law and Ethics exam and plan my coursework pieces for my digital journalism assignments. I’ll be back soon and will of course be posting them on here ๐Ÿ™‚

– Melissa


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