Charity Shop Finds

Since I started my job in September 2015 I have been known to...treat myself...quite generously. After starting university however I got hit with the crushing truth of reality that I would have to use MY OWN WAGE to buy myself food. This kickstarted my charity shopping career. I used to go to charity shops every [...]


Parklife Festival 2017

This year I took the leap and decided to attend Parklife Festival, which is a 2 day festival that takes place in Heaton Park, Manchester. Being local it was easy to attend this year and now I have met some amazing friends at university that don't mind a dirty beat, it was a must-do. Now [...]

Student raises over £1,000 for Christies Cancer Charity

19-year-old Josh Woor, a student from Oldham, has recently completed a skydive in order to raise money for Christies Cancer Charity after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer earlier last year. During his final year at Oldham Sixth Form College, Josh went through treatment for his diagnosis at North Manchester hospital and later had an [...]