No WIFI, No Blog 

I just want to start off by apologising for the lack of posts recently. I moved house last week, out of my university accommodation and into a new home with friends. At the minute we don't have wifi and it doesn't feel right to me to try and do a blog post from my phone [...]


Parklife Festival 2017

This year I took the leap and decided to attend Parklife Festival, which is a 2 day festival that takes place in Heaton Park, Manchester. Being local it was easy to attend this year and now I have met some amazing friends at university that don't mind a dirty beat, it was a must-do. Now [...]

TOP 10: Favourite Songs Right Now

Although these are some of my most listened to and favourite songs right now, most of them are quite old. I thought i'd do a different kind of post and give you guys some new things to listen to and maybe see if theres anything you'd recommend. 10. Lily Allen - SHEEZUS 9. Lauren Hill [...]